My voice precedes me
Like a shadow of someone walking in
From the sun at the long of afternoon

It is more real than my body

As a thing I am willing to leave you
This decoy

My body, made of fine powder
Spit-glued together like a tablet
It’s finely formed

It makes me cry it's so beautiful
But that doesn’t help

I want to hear the crying come from you
It's why I found you
So crying come

Take me
Even if I'm not good for you
I want to be for you

Unburden the bond
That keeps me from crumbling
It is a superficial tension only
And I will let you suck me in

Until it's only my voice
A ring of radios
In your mind

In my voice
I sound sparkling and healthy
My voice telling with devotion

Little else left,
Little burden to love