A man calling you through thick rain
Is a distant marker
Is mortal

His outline stays watery and vague
Kissing something that watery is defeating
But defeating myself is something I do

I find him in the rain
Put his lips on mine
And he rains into my mouth and into my body
Which is already made of 90% or more of water
Then he dilutes into my blood
And is nothing

It's the same
The wetness in me
The body's brackish weep

I once felt something else but now
The loneliness I feel
Is a can
Placed in a crusher of huge industry
Even the emptiness forced out of it
Folding it in on itself

Nothing loosens the sharp cold of its sides
I have no room for anything

The water
My blood's roar
My own metal outline

That noise again cuts
Through the wet universe
This is the last time